Optimum Health Assessment: Every prospective member takes a 30 minute assessment, designed in partnership with the East Hawaii Independent Physicians Association, University of Hawaii Hilo Department of Kinesiology and LQ Mission Assessments. Measuring 45 different data points, the Optimum Health Report Card presents a True Fitness Level, True Body Age and True LQ (Life Quality) score which makes up the composite Optimum Health Score. This score determines the best fitness program for each member. Taken quarterly, members can scientifically determine when it is best for them to “graduate” to the next level fitness program.

Beginner S.M.A.R.T. Exercise Classes (BaseCamp): For members with Optimum Health Scores under 40, the most important work is to increase mobility, improve large muscle group functioning. Exercise is low impact or no impact with accommodations available for each individual. The 50 minute class includes breath work and stretching.

Intermediate S.M.A.R.T. Exercise Classes (BootCamp): For the intermediate athlete looking to improve a feeling of wellness and moving towards fitness. Programing is based on Olympic lifting style movements using medicine balls and dumbbells. All workouts include metabolic conditioning using body weight exercises. The 50 minute class includes warm up, strength, conditioning and cool down and is ideal for members with Optimum Health Scores between 40-60.

Advanced S.M.A.R.T. Exercise Classes (Peak Performance): This advanced class and is designed for individuals who want to improve their level of fitness and have an Optimum Health Score above 60. Participation can be done as a part of a weekly regimen to maintain top condition or to supplement sport specific training. Classes are a blend of crossfit methodology with a heavy influence on Olympic lifting fundamentals. 50 minutes of metabolic conditioning along with weight training, warm up and cool down are included in each workout of the day.

MQ Mobility: Based on Medical QiGong, the MQ Mobility class, done barefoot, focuses on breathing and flowing movements, that systematically provide a low intensity, full body workout. Gym clothes not necessary. Suitable for all ages. Participants report achieving a relaxed and energizing state that carries with them for the rest of the day.

1:1 Coaching: This program was developed to help individuals who want personal time with coaches to work on individual goals. Individuals recovering from injury or illness, or those not feeling confident yet to move to the next program level would be encouraged to seek 1:1 coaching time. Members can request specific coaches or the Co-Op can make a pairing based on member needs and best fit.

Clinics: Clinics are designed to work on skill development in a dedicated and focused environment. Expert coaches in house, along with visiting teachers offering clinics on explosiveness, Olympic lifting, pull ups, jump ropes, handstands/inversions, yoga wall ropes and rope climbing. Clinic offerings are often a result of memberships requests so speak up and let us know what skills you want improved!

Nutrition: The Whole Life Challenge is an online 55 day nutrition focused “game”. Three times per year the Co-Op fields a team of members to “compete” worldwide with over 20,000 players to help improve not only nutrition but a wide range of additional healthy habits. wholelifechallenge.com.

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