The Co-op was founded by CrossFit enthusiasts. Partnering with the East Hawaii Independent Physicians Association and the University of Hawaii Hilo Department of Kinesiology, we began innovating. The result is the S.M.A.R.T. exercise class programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced adult and youth members.

Guiding Principles:


Short: Time in our most precious resource. Classes are designed to get you in and out with maximum results in the shortest period of time.

Safe: Priority #1 is always safety. Malama Kou Kino. Take care of the body.

Scaled: Each W.O.D. or workout of the day is scaled to each member’s capabilities.

Stability: As we age, we find stability can become a challenge. Our exercises are designed to enhance natural movements which help improve your balance and stability.

Scientific: Our exercise programs are planned well in advanced and based on proven scientific methods. At the same time, with 90% of the universe still labeled “dark matter” we are open to scientifically unproven approaches which produce results.

Systematic: A-Z. Holistic. We have created exercise programs that begin with assessments, repeated quarterly, that address all aspects of Malama Kou Kino (Take Care of you Body).


Maximize: Maximum results with minimum investment. In this case producing the best improvement in your Optimum Health Scores with minimal investment of time, effort and money.

Measurable: Beginning with the Optimum Health Assessment, which is done quarterly, we track over 45 different metrics. We improve what we measure.

Mobility: Warm-ups and Cool downs are essential to improvement mobility. We also offer 30 minute Yoga programs specifically designed for members in our separate Yoga Pavilion.

Medical: We work closely with the medical community. Doctors workout at our co-op and refer patients to us. They know the value of S.M.A.R.T. exercise classes.

Meditation: Clarity of mind is key to improved LQ or Life Quality, one of the series of metrics we measure. In our Yoga Pavilion we offer sessions on how to improve your LQ which includes meditation practices.

Motivational: You must want to come to the co-op. We work hard to find ways to help motivate you to attend three plus times per week. In the end though, you have to want to make it happen.


Affordable: As the first consumer cooperative fitness center in the United States, we are owned and managed by our members. Many members volunteer their time and expertise. We work hard to keep the membership fee’s as affordable as possible, while still ensuring the co-op can be financially viable.

Adaptable: We train you to be ready for anything. Every W.O.D. is announced when you come to the class and not before. We incorporate a wide variety of exercises designed to enhance your Optimum Health. We want you to be able to protect yourself and your loved one.

Attendance: We require three times per week or 12 exercise sessions per month. We have learned by tracking results, that this is the “sweet spot”.

Accelerate: For those who want to accelerate their progress, we encourage you to attend more classes and based on your Optimum Health Scores, can help you move up to more challenging classes.

Aware: It is amazing how unaware we are of the true condition of our bodies. We help you become very aware of the benefits of Optimum Health. Optimum Health=Optimum Life.


Relationships: You should enjoy the relationship you develop with the instructor and your fellow classmates.

Research: With the University of Hawaii Hilo Department of Kinesiology, we are designing and implementing research programs to help us continually innovate.

Results: We are focused on producing results. You attend the classes and we can guarantee results.


Therapeutic: many exercises, or repetitions of the same exercise, if not done properly, can actually damage your body. Our programs are designed to always be therapeutic and help improve your body.

Threshold: We incorporate “threshold training” principles where you are able to achieve major results when working out at your threshold for a short period of time.

Technically Correct: Our exercises, scaled to your capabilities, are technically correct.

Totality: Our primary focus is S.M.A.R.T. exercise classes. Get someone to start exercising first, then a new nutritional program will likely stick. If they don’t exercise first, the nutritional program will likely fail. We are partners with the Whole Life Challenge, who offers 55 day nutritional focused online games. Educational and fun! In the end it is exercise, diet and stress that are the keys to improve for you to achieve Optimum Health.

Thankful: We are thankful for the opportunity to work with you to help develop the first consumer cooperative fitness center in the United States. We hope that this model will be adopted by other communities to help them improve their communities health. Doing good. Making history.